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Thursday, May 31, 2012


(tt)  Monica K, my agent, invited me to the opening of "Empire" in the tent right on 8th Ave. It was directed by Wayne Harrison and used the King Kong/Empire State/ Depression themes as a coathanger for some pretty amazing acts. Here are some grabs.
  A trio of Slavic sisters with amazing balance and strength
 I was convinced I was going to have my teeth knocked out
 An erotic adagio
 A small boy was juggled and spun at alarming speed. Theirs was the first standing o.
 Our host also paired with his "wife". Apart from a quick change act they did a banana chunk spitting routine which ended with them regurgitating chewed nana into each other's mouths!!

 This man manipulated a gyroscope along a huge branch.
No photos of his  tour de force which was a balancing act involving a white feather and an ever increasing mobile of banana fronds. Hypnotically moving.
 Some faces from the audience  Martin Kinnane who created the wonderful lighting with Miss Purple, the singer. There were no programmes!!!!
 On the right is my wonderful agent, Monica Keightly

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