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Saturday, May 26, 2012

mission to mosco

(tt)   Spent a great evening with Natalie Mosco and two of her bestest chums, Mudra and Heather MacRae..... all three members of the original Broadway cast of Hair. Heather regaled us with great stories from her Hollywood childhood and revealed that as a teenager she was the assistant stage manager of a celebrated stage production of "The Women" starring Marge Champion, Elaine Stritch (at her scariest) and the legendary Gloria Swanson. Heather was given the task of hiding behind a sofa to feed lines to Miss Swanson, whose grasp on the text was tenuous. Hence she was witness to mayhem and riot as the ladies did battle in a play about ladies doing battle,  (p.s. Heather's dad was the amazing Gordon of "Oklahoma" and "Carousel")
Here are some shots from Natalie's balcon as the day faded into its nemesis.

The ever marvellous Empire State.

This golden lighthouse looks like its peeking over some English council houses. In fact they are twenty floors up.
  Looking up 8th Ave
  Fog was flowing in and out and occasionally the ESB was shrouded. Natalie is teaching in the Bronx at the moment.  It is tough stuff. She was asked by a student what fog was. Her wonderful reply which barely covered her amazement was ..."clouds on the ground".

 The shining tower in the distance is Freedom.

We had prawns and caesar salad and the evening was sublime.

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  1. Big article on Toni LaMonde in the Age this AM. A. She's pretty great and B. Like mother like son (even though I have never met you Tony. I see pix here...)
    Best Pinky