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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new hit we hope

(tt) For the last two weeks Sheldon has been rehearsing a workshop of the 21 year old Off Broadway hit, "Pageant". He was the wonderfully tacky MC, Frankie Cavalier, and his six lady finalists were not as they seemed.

 The two showings were presented here, original home of GREY GARDENS and SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE.

And here are some shots taken at the curtain call of the second presentation. It went off splendidly and all fingers are crossed for investors to turn it into a bone fide theatrical event. It is very very very funny.
Tyler Mynard as Miss Bible Belt

David Turner as Miss Deep South and Jeff Hiller as Miss Great Plains
  Constantine Rousouli as Miss Texas
 Michael James Scott as Miss Industrial North East
Tom Deckman as Miss West Coast

Michael James Scott giving Latin realness.
David Turner takes a break from heels with Jeff and Tyler. It was a nice change to be with actors who had no experience of drag and were discovering how uncomfortable it really is. They were also endlessly fascinated with their images in the mirror. Ah yes, I remember it well...
Constantine (who is currently understudying both male leads in GHOST) and David (who was wonderful as the lead in ON A CLEAR DAY with Harry Connick, Jr.)

Wide lapels will make a comeback someday
Sheldon with one of the authors, Bill Russell

The crumpled creatives.


  1. Congrats on the workshop!
    But this doesn't mean that you're thinking of leaving Priscilla now, does it? :(