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Monday, May 7, 2012

ziegfeld theatres

This is the last picture palace (if you can call it that)  that opened in New York in 1969 where we saw "Company" today

Ziggy himself

One of his greatest stars  Fanny Brice

There are a few glass cases with memorabilia from the heady days of Ziegfeld's productions
  Marilyn Miller
  Her tootsiepods
  Billie Burke, Eddie Cantor, Will Rogers  and W. C. Fields amongst others.

 The Midnight Frolics...a roof garden spectacular
  This one is a dedication to the last Ziegfeld girl, Doris Eaton Travis, who died in 2010 at 106
   One of Doris's tootsiepods

  I want these tootsiepods
And here is the tribute to the lost masterpiece of The Ziegfeld Theatre (1927) designed both inside and out  by Joseph Urban.
This glorious deco building stood a few metres away from the cinema on 54th and 6th. The original productions of "Showboat" and "Kismet" played here

Night fantasy

The only two shots of the interior I could find.

This is an Urban backdrop designed for a "Follies"

Sadly the edifice was razed in 1968 (at 40 years of age!!!) 

This is a piece of the facade that now stands in front of a private home in Manhattan.

Our tribute to Edward Hopper

Despite the fact that the cinema pales in comparsion with its namesake it was great to be in a big house as yet still safe from the plex complex.

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  1. Theater history. So beautiful yet so ephemeral,