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Sunday, May 27, 2012


(tt) This is a region of Brooklyn that looks to Manhattan across the East River. It was once a very working class, industrial and maritime suburb but has been discovered by the bourgoise and warehouses have been gutted for condos or worse.....whole neighbourhood have been evicted and the buildings raised for new concrete and glass prisons.

This is Bedford Ave.. mostly unharmed..accessed by the L line. It was a holiday weekend so the place was mad with trade and zombies.
It's very Brunswick/Newtown in feel.

Now I've turend onto N 3rd walking towards the river. This is where the latest development of the area is at its most prominent.

  The artist who made this was having a smoke on the sidewalk in his apron.
  These are all warehouse conversions
 The old Brooklyn
 This is the entrance to a series of wonderful high ceilinged apartments. I was privileged to attend the workshop premiere of Alexis Fishman's creation.....Fong.... a zany laundress from Chinatown with dreams and secrets all wrapped up in a mad package of song pastiche and audience participation.
  That's the Brooklyn Bridge.
  The end of W North St

Mad Men

My wonderful Woolworth Building
 This is River Street. Recently the artists who lived along here were sent packing and they had a huge celebratory party to say farewell

  The drizzled paint looks like tears

Here is another warehouse now abandoned.

  This guy's boyfriend was snapping him so I got lucky too

 After Alex's presentation I walked back via Berry.

  As I was taking this the owner of the vintage clothes collection yelled, "Don't take pictures of my clothes. Shoot all you like of the walls but not my clothes!"  I wobbled and got ghosts!!

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