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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

rag bags

(tt)   Schiapparelli and Prada are celebrated at the Met in the form of a conversation about life and art and whether fashion is art along with a sumptuous display of clothes, hats and shoes from both. Of coure the conversation is an impossible one in that Ms S has been dead since 1973 but via her words and a stunning depiction by Judy Davis in a brilliantly staged movie directed by Baz Luhrman the two divas sit at the each end of a dining table and gab away.

 Miuccia Prada
 Davis as Schiapp

The real Sciapp

Their clothes are presented side by side and some of them could be worn together as though one deisgner had created them

S's hats and P's shoes.  They dressed women emphasising either their upper (S) or lower (P) bodies

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